You need management reporting to analyze your financial situation in more detail. Some reports covered by management reporting:

Income Statement by Type
Business line
Customer class
2. Realization rates (KPI)

3. Usage-based reports

Unlike financial reporting, management reporting is not mandatory and is prepared for internal users. Your company is not obliged to abide by the policies, methods and rules determined by the legislator.

Management reporting focuses on the sub-parts (Business Line, Department, Team), not the whole business. With management reporting, you can focus on small parts of your business and analyze. For example, you can learn how the marketing department performed in certain periods or which sales personnel made the most sales thanks to the management reporting.

Management reporting provides important business tips for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and many CEOs. Management reporting is needed to make correct and strategic decisions. With management reporting, you can make future-oriented decisions and ensure the sustainability of your business.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business process management software that allows companies to use integrated applications that automate many functions related to technology, service and human resources.

Companies are provided with support for this function. It develops the relevant ideas of the customer, integrates them into the system and helps with resource planning decisions.

The software needs of the company in many areas including business requirements, employee training, business processes and employee communication are evaluated.

High performance can only be achieved by using all the resources of the institution effectively.

In addition to resources such as technological infrastructure and financial capital, in the business world where competition is increasing day by day, human beings are the most difficult to acquire and retain, but the most critical resource for success.

Our services in the field of performance management focus on issues related to employees that can have an impact on the performance of the organization in order to align human resources strategies with business strategies.

This service includes introducing integrated processes, programs and practices to reveal the workforce groups and their critical competence sets in line with business priorities and to ensure that employees are developed and retained within this framework.

The performance management process begins with the creation of the competence model, the development of behavioral models that distinguish superior performance from average performance for any task, business family or organization, including knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics. The focus of this service includes creating performance expectations, providing feedback to employees and coaching employees to achieve these expectations, and revealing and reviewing performance results.

The most important and effective way to provide organizations with successful and high performance resources is through training. The success of an applied education above all depends on the fact that the education stems from a need and responds to the need. The starting point of the training program to be developed and implemented is the training need. Education planning process design services; It aims to take the right steps within the plans to ensure that the organized trainings meet the needs of the institution.

In this context, the services we offer to our customers include the following:

• Understanding how the qualifications and competencies of the employees are compatible with the needs of the organization with job analysis.
• Identifying areas that need improvement through performance evaluations
• Determining the training needs through personal evaluations through surveys and tests for employees

It can be summarized as.

Using international methodologies (lean manufacturing - JIT); We have consultancy and trainings for the determination of areas open to development, productivity projects analysis and plans by performing value stream mapping (VSM) and process analysis (process mapping-PM).

Value flow analysis consultancy: The activities of the organization that do not create value, which are called waste, are determined in line with international methodologies (VSM), and opportunities for improvement are reported. Activities such as transportation, stocking, handling, repair-reprocessing, control etc.are named as activities that do not create value and Efficiency projects that will minimize costs and maximize efficiency with a lean manufacturing perspective, which we call single piece production, are recommended.
Process flow analysis consultancy: The processes of the organization are analyzed in detail with international methodologies (PM) and improvement opportunities are reported. Process innovation opportunities are identified, projected and recommended.
Consultancy to prepare the efficiency program and to implement the projects: Improvement opportunities that arise after the value flow or process flow analysis are projected in detail, Productivity consultancy Services are offered in the implementation by following the calls with international methodologies (JIT) and suggesting support with appropriate supports (Development agencies etc.).
Productivity management trainings: The group formed with the participation of the relevant managers, engineers and technicians of the organization provides the following trainings specifically for the sector in which the organization is located.