In Turkey, the company establishment procedures, if submitted the necessary documents relating to the trade registry offices, can be completed within one hour.
companies in Turkey institutions are exempt from fees. Foreign natural and legal persons to establish a company in Turkey, is subject to the same rules as domestic investors.

The signatures of persons authorized to represent the company under the company title must be approved by the competent authority and their signature statements must be prepared. This process is carried out in any trade registry offices in Turkey.

0.04% of the company's capital must be deposited into the bank account of this institution as "Competition Authority Share". There is no need to go to the bank for this transaction. Together with other establishment transactions, this fee can be paid at the trade registry directorate. In addition, at least 25% of the shares committed in cash in joint stock companies must be deposited into a bank account opened in the name of the company before the registration of the company.

Within the scope of Financial Advisory services, we inform our taxpayers about their legal obligations, provide consultancy services regarding Double Taxation Prevention Agreements, laws and legislation, provide opinions, and make suggestions regarding problems that may arise.

Our consultancy services we offer to our customers are as follows:

Monthly Document and Record Control
Preparation of Monthly Tax Declarations and Notifications and their electronic transmission
Preparation and electronic transmission of Temporary Tax and Annual Corporate Tax Declarations
Electronic transmission of B / A and B / S Forms
Financial Accounting is the basis for all decisions and one of the most important resources for successful business management.

Within the scope of Financial Accounting service, we assist you in the following matters:

Execution of Financial Accounting Transactions based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Tax Legislation
Establishing the Accounting System and performing Consultancy and Control Activities
Preparation of year-end Financial Statements, Balance Sheet and Income Statement
Preparation and electronic transmission of the Related Period Tax Declarations and Notifications
We aim to undertake all transactions related to personnel accounting and to support our customers in all transactions related to the subject.

A. SSI Transactions
In addition to all SSI-related work and transactions, wage payrolls and related transactions.

Preparation and control of personnel payrolls
Submission of payroll and account slips to employees by the method and way the customer sees fit
Issuing SSI declarations
Business SSI registration procedures
Calculation of Notice and Severance Pay amounts for the personnel leaving the job
Legal notifications for employment and exits
Preparation of all kinds of declarations and forms that should be submitted to official institutions
Helping employees answer questions about calculations
Assisting in making salary payments

Institutions and organizations can become a single legal entity by combining for reasons such as benefiting from tax incentives, increasing their market shares, reaching their planned targets or ending the competition between them. Transfer is a special type of merger. Companies can be divided for reasons such as changing the type of partnership activities and separating their fields of activity. Ultimately, companies can go into liquidation as a result of the decision of the partners or legal obligations.

Liquidation, merger, transfer and division transactions regulated by the relevant articles of the Commercial Code No. 6102 and the Corporate Tax Law No. 5520 are extremely important and risky transactions.

Closing a company, in other words, liquidation can be defined as the initiation and finalization of a company's commercial activities. This process may be required by both income tax and corporate taxpayers. After completing the process specified in the legislation, the persons and legal entities subject to liquidation officially cease to be registered in official public institutions and organizations (Trade Registry Directorate, relevant tax office and Social Security Institution and other relevant organizations). With the deletion of the records in question, the liquidation is completed.

• Transformation of joint stock company into limited company
• Transformation of limited company into joint stock company
• Transformation of commercial enterprises into limited company or joint stock company
• Transactions required for converting collective and limited liability company types into joint stock and limited company types

SMMM Report for the Determination of the Payment of the Capital
SMMM Report for Determination of Shareholders Receivables (Payables to Partners)
SMMM Report for the Determination of Positive Differences in Capital Adjustment
SMMM Report for SME Detection
SMMM Report on Capital Reduction
Report of Board of Directors / Board of Managers in Capital Reduction
SMMM Report on Return from Liquidation (on Exit)
Report of Liquidators / Officers on Return from Liquidation (on Exit)
SMMM Report for the Determination of Previous Year Profits
SMMM Report Regarding the Activity of the Company
Individual Company Type Change SMMM Report
Full Division, SMMM Report
Partial Division, SMMM Report
Normal Merger, SMMM Report
Easy Merger, SMMM Report
Type Change, SMMM Report