The foreign trade process is carried out through a wide variety of written documents. There are documents that are expected to be used in every foreign trade transaction and that can be qualified as "fixture". These include documents such as invoice, check / parcel / specification list, customs declaration, certificate of origin and transport documents.
In order to explain the documents used in foreign trade transactions in a certain systematic and comprehensible way, these documents are examined in 5 different groups. These;

Commercial Documents: Invoices, packing list, parcel list, manufacturer analysis certificate, control-surveillance certificate, ship measurement report.
Official Documents: Circulation documents, certificate of origin, control documents, consulate invoice, certificate of conformity, health certificate, veterinary certificate, halal certificate, kosher certificate, radiation certificate, boycott / black list certificate, A.T.A carnets.
Transport Documents: Sea bill of lading, Special bill of lading, other bill of lading.
Insurance Documents: Flotan insurance policy, insurance letter, insurance policy, insurance certificate.
Financial Documents: Policy, bond, pledge note, warehouse receipt, delivery order, control and sampling authorization certificate.

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