Union Programs are a set of activities implemented for a certain period of time to encourage unity between EU member states and candidate countries in a way to cover certain areas related to Union policies.

Citizens, businesses, non-governmental organizations and public institutions have the opportunity to participate in the Union Programs. Union Programs also make important contributions to the work of candidate countries in the field of harmonization and implementation of the legislation.

Union Programs enter into force with the approval of the European Parliament and the European Council and are carried out by the relevant Commission General Directorate, which publishes the calls for proposals (tenders) for the program. The budgets of the programs are formed by the payments made by the participating countries and the allocation from the EU budget.

Applications for most of the programs are sent directly to the European Commission and evaluation is carried out by independent experts. For some decentralized programs, applications and evaluations are made through national agencies in the participating country.

Since the main purpose of the Union Programs is the development of cooperation, it is essential that there are partners from different countries in the majority of applications. Most of the financial support provided from the program budget is given to projects that do not involve investments (such as cultural activities, personnel exchange, research projects, knowledge sharing projects).

As İndex Ekonomi, we became an accredited consultancy firm in 2017.

It is among the consulting firms accredited by the EBRD.

If you work with us as an EBRD Authorized Consultant, you can benefit from grants of up to 75%.

Turkey under the National Program, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank - EBRD) 'Small Scale's conducted Businesses Support Program (Small Bussiness Support - SBS), the scope of Consulting Services (Business Advisory Services - BAS) provide you receive from us as authority You can benefit from grants up to 75% in our services.

Consulting Services (Business Advisory Services- BAS)

BAS provides various consultancy services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by facilitating projects with the method of cost sharing with local consultants. Direct support to increase business performance is combined with systematic market activities to create sustainable and commercially viable infrastructures to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the countries where the bank operates.

BAS helps businesses identify their business needs and define the services to be provided by expert consultants to assist them in improving their performance.

Supported Consulting Areas

Market Performance Enhancing Consulting Services
1.1 Market Analysis and Planning

Market Research, Survey, Analysis
Marketing Strategy Development
Marketing Campaign Development
Promotional Products Design
Web Page Design
Pricing Policy
New Product Development
Sales Management
Purchasing Management


1.2 Development Planning

Business plan
Strategic planning
Expansion / Diversification Planning
Financial Planning
Cost Analysis • Other
1.3 Feasibility Studies

Joint Research
Supplier Research
Investor Research
Customer Research
Purchasing Management
2.2 Computer Aided Financial / Management Information System

Financial Management Information System
Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
Corporate Management Information System
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII)
Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)
2.3 Agriculture

Crop Management
Livestock Management
Land Management
Cost Reducing Consultancy Services
3.1 Computer Aided Manufacturing System (CMS)

Computer Aided Manufacturing System (CMS)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Manufacturing Package (CAM)
Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
3.2 Engineering Studies

Engineering Studies
Architectural planning / design
IT Infrastructure and system design
Production optimization
Space optimization
Infrastructure planning
Quality Management & Certification
ISO Applications and Certifications
HACCP Applications and Certifications
Good Manufacturing Practices Applications and Certification
Organic Product Certification
Environmental Management Consultancy Services
5.1 Energy efficiency

Energy audit
Renewable energy
5.2 Environment

Environmental control
IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control)